Saturday, April 14, 2012

Welcome to NFA!

We are Justin from Pradasims and Augusto from AugustoStudio.
NFA is a new competition : We will search a new clothing creator for Sims 3!

The NFA got 6 rounds. Every round got a topic (e.g. Gown)
 Every competitor got 1 week time to create a clothing and take a photo.
After we got the pictures, we rate them (1-10 points) and comment  them.
Of course there is then the voting. So you can also give points : 1 vote is 1 point.

 From the 4th round, there are battles. The competitors create against each other!

He/she with the fewest points at the end of a week, lost the competition.
At the end we got a winner. He/she is the ''Next Fashion Artist 2012''

Are you interested?


  1. Me like it ;D Here is my Blog:

  2. You are from Germany right? xD I did :)

  3. The competition sounds awesome, I'm in (I already registered).
    I'm really excited! How long will the the registration process be open? (In other words: When does the contest start?)

    *waves hello to WhiteCrow*
    Wir kennen uns ja schon aus dem Model Wettbewerb der Sims3 Community :)

  4. ^hey simlicious, momentan wissen wir nicht ganz genau wann wir starten, aber ihr werdet alle davor per email benachrichtet :)

  5. Hallo Simlicious, cool dass du auch mitmachst ^.^
    Schon der zweite Wetti wo wir drin sind ;)