Friday, July 20, 2012


Hey guys! Today the big final of NFA starts, so we are really excited!
So vote, comment and download your favorite!!!

Our finalist are DarkNight and Simlicious

This time we have 2 votings!
1) Outfit of Woman
2) Top of Man







  1. I have favoured Similicious this whole contest, but this time I've gotta go with DarkNight :D♥

    1. ♥ Thanks. =)

    2. I have to agree... sorry Simlicious. DarkNight, please tell me this is available for career!

  2. I defintely voted for Simlicious:

    1. - Her Stuff is unique
    2. - Fat Sims would also looks good in her Outfits
    3. - Yes, it's Quality

    I think DarkNight should finally found his own Style. It looks too much like The Stuff from the Talented Saliwa @ Tsr! The Shirt looks good, but i weared Tribals when I was like 10 old.

    I also think it's Hideous that DarkNight is having so many votes after some hours of Voting, LOL.
    Hey! This Competition should be fair!

    Al least I'd like to say, that I hope that Quality will win!
    Just a bunch of Peoples heard about Simlicious, meanwhile DarkNight is getting fame through simsTR AND TSR o_o

    Wasn't this Contest about the "Next Fashion Artist"?

    Greets, WhiteCrow.

  3. WhiteCrow...
    What do you think? or What you want?

    I work two days for create this cloth. I don't care about your thinks.

    I talk my friends about this Contest. They follow this.
    You?? At ONE NIGHT you past Simlicious. But, you CAN'T Deserved it.

    You don't worry. If, I'll win; I talk everybody about Simlicious. Simlicious is GREAT creator for me.

    Greets, DarkNighTt...

    I don't say other about this subject..

    1. Wtf? I do not understand you, sorry but your English is REALLY a mess...
      All I did, was sharing constructive criticism...I don't care If you accept it or not.

    2. Thanks to both of you for your comments!

      DarkNight probably has more fans because he has been creating longer than I have (I think). But since it's not all about the votes, but also the downloads and jury votes, we both have equal chances to win.

      No matter who wins, we both got into the finale and that shows that we both are good creators and we did something right ;)

      We have different styles and people's tastes also vary, it is also a lot of luck involved in a contest - do people like the style of the creation? If not, they won't download, even if the quality is great. You never know how people will like your creation.

      I don't only create for this contest - I create mainly for me. I like my stuff and that is most important to me :) If other people like what I do, it's even better, but I am happy with the things I created, even if no one else thinks so.

  4. I voted for Simlicious, and I think his (her?) stuff is really great, and has been throughout the whole competition. I hope he (she?) wins, but it's not up to me lol

    And while I didn't like most of DarkNiight's clothes in this competition, I think he (she?) has made progress, and his (her?) stuff looks better now than it did in round 1, for example.

    So congratulations to both creators to making it to the final, and thanks to all the creators for the great content I've been able to download :)

    1. Thanks for your comment and your vote!
      BTW, I'm a she :)

  5. They both are great creators, As I have downloaded them both. : /
    But if I had to pick one, it would definitely be Simlicious.
    The quality of her close are far better. : )

    Good luck everyone !

  6. My vote is for Simlicious!
    I think for both items her creations here are a little more subtle, making them far more versatile for other users. I've never been big on decals/stencils and I like knowing I can remake the same shirt loads of times with different patterns so my sims don't all look the same. Simlicious' entries fit that bill for me!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like my creations :)

  7. Although both outfits are beautiful, I will also have to go with Simlicious for this contest.
    I think that what creators are coming up with is way to revealing for my Sim, and what Simlicious came up with here is something that can be wear on an everyday basis.
    Great job to both creators nonetheless!

  8. Even through Whitecrow has a touch of sour grapes, I have to agree with her on Darknight outfits (to a degree.) I'm disappointed with his posting, he normally does much better. These are not outfits that woman and thus a female sim would normally wear. The shirt for the man is more for a teen or a child than an adult. I like Simlicious stuff. They look comfortable and her textures are great. I thought this was going to be a tougher vote but I don't feel Darknight came through on this round.

  9. I downloaded both. DarkNight, I noticed a little, uh, gap or mistake in the back? (of the female outfit)

  10. i vote for simlicious, cause her meshes are proper, save and made with love!:)